Farberware XL Indoor Turkey Fryer - 406323551

Farberware XL Indoor Turkey Fryer - Specifications

Farberware Large Capacity Deep Fryer
Cooks up to a 14lb Turkey
Multi-Purpose (Fry, Steam, Boil)
Uses 1/3 less oil than traditional fryers
Dishwasher safe (Pot, Basket, Lid and drain valve)
Reduce Spills with the easy drain valve
Model number: 406323551
Category: Deep Fryers
Brand: Farberware
Availability: in stock
Product id: 406323551
Price: 59

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Farberware XL Indoor Turkey Fryer 406323551 - Product description

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I bought this for my husband with little expectations as it is cheaper than other brands. However, we have been greatly pleased with the product.

It is large inside and can deep fry a bird that is up to 12 lbs easily.

We have only used the deep frying ability listed so far but it has worked beautifully. We have fried a duck, turkey, fish, and cornish hens. This was WAY more than we normally deep fry but wanted to thoroughly test the product. All were easy to cook and came out juicy. Clean up was simple.

For full disclosure, we have only had this for few weeks. I will update review of things change.

We did research how to deep fry properly and safely indoors. I would make the following recommendations. 1. Read the instruction manual. 2. Make sure to thoroughly defrost and dry out your ingredients before cooking. 3. Slowly lower the food into the oil. 4. Finally, for turkey, duck, etc make sure you make an opening for the oil to freely pass through the middle of the bird by making a small hole between the neck cavity and abdominal cavity.
This was my first time frying a turkey everyone told me how good it was so I bought this Farberware one. I picked it because I can steam and boil in it also. I cooked a turkey breast in it, it turn out really good. Here are somethings I learned, 1 gallon of oil fills to the minimum line 2 gallons to the max line. I let the oil heat for 30 minutes the light will go on and off so i would at least give it that long to heat up. It took about 30 minutes to cook a 8 lb turkey breast took our twice to check the temp then let it set for about 15 min. Turkey was very juicy and tender. Cleanup was fairly easy use a chair covered the seat with a towel and drained it with the drain tube off the side of the counter it took about 15 minutes to completely clean (By hand) I would have given this 5 stars but I was not real happy with the directions. Definitely worth the money for an appliance that I wil only use several times a year.
I purchased this turkey fryer because it could be used indoor and it was electrical. I tried my 15 lb turkey with no problems at all. It fit snug in the basket. I used 2 gallons of oil (1 gallon of peanut oil & 1 gallon of vegetable oil). I actually put mine next to my car in the garage because I didn't want the yummy aroma throughout my home. I turned the temperature to 400 degrees and it took 45 minutes to heat. I cooked my turkey for 1 hour (4 mins per pound). It was cooked to perfection. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Be sure to pat the bird dry before placing in oil. I actually stuffed my bird with some paper towels, and removed before placing in the basket. Regular heavy duty work gloves are suggested just in case the grease pop out. After drying my turkey, I tried a turkey breast. I highly recommend this turkey fryer. No need in spending the extra dollars for something that does the exact same thing or better. You can use this turkey fryer to fry other things and it can also be used to-do a great seafood boil. Christmas 2017 was a success with this one. Husband was happy and so we're kids and guest.
I love this fryer! I was a little skeptical because the price was so low but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to set up and use. I filled it to the max using a little less than 2 gallons of canola oil. I fried two 12.5 lb turkeys at 400° for 45 minutes each and they were perfection! Moist and juicy and flavorful! I have family members who aren't fans of turkey but they raved about how good it was. I initially thought the basket might be too small but if you position the bird correctly it fits perfectly. Be sure to pat the bird dry of any excess moisture and also wear gloves because it will splatter a lot when you lower it into the fryer. When the turkey is done and you're lifting it out, tip the basket a little so that the oil sitting in the cavity of the bird drains back into the fryer.
I love this fryer. I wanted to fry a turkey safely and indoors. After seeing videos on deep frying a turkey and reading the reviews of this fryer I decided to purchase it. The instructions are very clean and easy to follow. When frying the turkey I decided to do as much research as possible because I did not want to burn down my home. I purchased a 10 lb turkey because I didn’t want to take a chance of the oil spilling over with a larger bird. Make sure the turkey is completely thawed out and dry before putting in the fryer. I put paper towels inside the cavity and in between the wings to soak up excess water. My turkey came out amazing. I will never roast another turkey. My turkey was done in 40 minutes. It’s was juicy and delicious. Inject the turkey with butter marmalade and season the outside with any seasoning rub you like.
So happy my husband decided on the indoor fryer. Did a 14 lb. turkey in 1 hour. Came out perfect. Used the Cajun butter injection and the Cajun seasoning on the outside. Highly recommended.
Worked perfectly for Thanksgiving. Tried to use it again on Christmas and it was a bust. It cooked for 20 minutes and then shut off. Followed the reset instructions several times. You could never tell if you were actually resetting it or not, because you couldn't feel anything when you pushed it. Power light would come back on if I lifted up the heating element, but as soon as you set back in place it would back off. Never got it to work again. Returned it to Walmart.
Bought as a gift for xmas. First time used worked great. 2nd time power went off halfway thru cooking. Did the reset button -still nothing. Returning today
This safemode feature came on during a 10 minute fry. I've been following directions ever since to reset it. It won't work. The light turns on when I lift the control panel up a little bit, but it won't work anymore. I cleaned it, let it cool, and nothing. No luck.
the fryer is easy to use and does a great job .I managed to damage the power cord and cannot find another-one that works.On the side of the fryer is a sticker that says use model LT-518 power cord only. When I called Walmart I was told to order a presto power cord and was assured it would work. But it did not, When I tried contacting Faberware, I found out they do not handle electric appliances. So I do not know where to go from here.

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