Mainstays 6 in. Coil Mattress Multiple Sizes - 15702307

Mainstays 6 in. Coil Mattress Multiple Sizes - Specifications

The bed is made to last for many years. Let the Mainstays 6 in Coil Mattress add comfort to your home.
Mainstays 6 in Coil Mattress, Twin:
6 in inner-spring mattress
13.5-gauge tempered steel coils
Certified eco-friendly foam manufacturing process
Meets federal flammability standard CFR 1633
Compressed, vacuum-sealed and boxed for shipping
Twin-size mattress dimensions: 75 inL x 39 inW x 6 inH
Beds sold separately. See our assortment of beds.
Bed frames sold separately. See our assortment of bed frames.
Also available in Full-Size.
Useful for platform beds. Requires foundation or box spring with standard bed frames.
Foundations sold separately. See our assortment of foundations.
Model number: 15702307
Category: Mattresses
Brand: Mainstays
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Product id: 15702307
Price: 89

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Mainstays 6 in. Coil Mattress Multiple Sizes 15702307 - Product description

The Mainstays 6\" Coil Mattress offers comfort and convenience with its ergonomic design. It has a bright white color that stands out and looks crisp and clean. It features 13.5-gauge tempered steel coils that provide maximum support for a sound sleep that can be relied upon. It meets federal flammability standard CFR 1633, providing quality and safety. The Mainstays mattress is made with a certified eco-friendly foam manufacturing process that prevents volatile organic compounds from being released into the atmosphere during the production process. This twin-size mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed and boxed for easy shipping. It makes a nice fit for platform beds, allowing for versatility in placement. The foundations and bed frames are sold separately. With its manageable size, it will fit even in small rooms for an extra guest bed or child's room.

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We bought 2 of these for the new Elise bunk beds for our daughters' room. We didn't want to spend a fortune nor did we want to get one of those cheap foam \
You can feel the springs easily but my kids don't feel them when they lay on them. They fit on our bunk beds and will do nicely for a first big kid bed. I have lain on it to help my youngest fall asleep and if I had to sleep on it for a few nights it would be fine. But as far as a long term bed for an adult....some might be uncomfortable. But it was a nice surprise to have them be this nice for the price.
We purchased this full-size mattress to use on an antique iron bed frame/springs in our guest room. It's very comfortable, so we're pleased with this purchase. Since we're using it on an antique bed, the 6\
I purchased this along with another mattress for a set of bunk beds for my 6 and 3 year olds. I was a little alarmed by the packaging at first, you wouldn't think it would fit into a box the size of a pack n play - but you'd be surprised! It comes rolled and tightly vacuum sealed and slowly takes shape upon opening. It was very clean and I found it pretty comfortable, as did my kids. I didn't expect so much judging by the price, but figured if I didn't care for it, I'd return it for something else. We are pretty happy with this so far!
- Price, cheap to use for kids that just got passed Potty Training. (actually use the WM Autodrive Cargo Liner as a bed liner for bed wetting.)
- Fits perfectly in the Mainstays Bunk Beds
- My kids have slept on these for 6 months and no complaints.

- Not for adults, I'd rather sleep on floor than sleep on this bed. If you are over 100 lbs springs sag quite a bit

Don't be alarmed when the bed is mailed in a little box, it expands nicely
Its pretty good for kids I bought a foam to go on top and its great for my kids bunk beds its not an excellent bed but you should expect that by the price it comes rolled up air tight and expands when open and my kids LOVED that part
I love this mattress, it's comfortable and firm, just what I was looking for
I got this for a daybed in full. It seems pretty sturdy. It's ok, nothing to get exited about. I don't think I'd be comfortable sleeping on this every night, too thin. But get's the job done for something that people seat on more than sleep on...
This mattress is great for my son's big boy bed he just transitioned to. It's not noisy at all and that's with two different mattress protectors on it. He sleeps great and longer now! Comforter and linens from Walmart as well :)
fits perfectly on my grandson's race car bed...he loves it because it's so springy...not comfy enough for gigi...however, perfect for a 3 year old

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