Mainstays 7.5 inch Half-Fold Steel Box Spring Easy No-Tools Setup - 49920614

Mainstays 7.5 inch Half-Fold Steel Box Spring Easy No-Tools Setup - Specifications

Mainstays Half-Fold Steel Box Spring, Multiple Sizes:
Structure made from durable, heavy-gauge steel for maximum strength
Folds in half for convenient transport and storage
No assembly required
Made from steel; naturally resistant to bed bugs
Coverlet adds support and increases breathability of the mattress
Twin: open 74 in x 38 in x 7.5 in; folded 38 in x 4.17 in x 44.13 in
Full: open 74 in x 53 in x 7.5 in; folded 53 in x 4.17 in x 44.13 in
Queen: open 79 in x 59.5 in x 7.5 in; folded 59.5 in x 4.17 in x 46.61 in
King (Comes with two): open 79 in x 76 in x 7.5 in; folded 37.75 in x 4.17 in x 46.61 in
Weight Capacity: T/F 1,200 lbs; Q/K 2,400 lbs
5 year limited warranty
Mattresses sold separately.
Bed frames sold separately.
Model number: 49920614
Category: Box Springs
Brand: Mainstays
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Product id: 49920614
Price: 49

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Mainstays 7.5 inch Half-Fold Steel Box Spring Easy No-Tools Setup 49920614 - Product description

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I normally dont write reviews but this was a great metal box spring. I stood on it to make sure it would hold wait (185lbs) and it held up good. Got it for 40.00 bucks which was a great buy in my books!! Also the box it was delivered in was good condition.
I purchased this for my 7 year old, after my father let the rain destroy the first one she had. I love this one better because it's made of metal so I do not have to worry about it breaking. Also I picked it up from Walmart with my car (it wouldn't fit in my trunk but it fit in my backseat). I highly recommend it for the quality and price.
I ordered a King Size, It was easy to unpack & lightweight. Simple to set up took less than 10 minutes, once out the box you just simply unfold it. I recently moved into a house and this is perfect. I ordered this along with a bed frame yesterday & I'm still waiting on my bed frame but this came today! I would recommend this to anyone!
Fantastic idea and execution! Literally all you have to do is unfold straight out of the box and this thing is set up!
I read a lot of reviews about this prior to buying it. I was really excited about all the great reviews and most of them are correct. Arrived early, easy to put together on my own, and I really liked the support I felt. I really think the mattress actually felt better. But unfortunately I woke up on the second night (in the middle of the night) sleeping on it to a squeaky noise. Every time I moved it squeaked. It was very loud and frustrating since I was so tired. At first I thought well I can just WD40 it or something...not really a phrase I EVER expected to say when talking about my bed. I thought maybe I can give it another night before I decide, but usually with things like this if it happened once, it will for sure happen again, I am very disappointed. Unfortunately I will be returning it as soon as I have found another replacement.
This was the easiest setup ever. It arrived in a good box folded. It does not creak, and appears to be quite strong. I highly recommend especially since box springs in mattress stores are very overpriced.
When I first took this product out of the box I thought that there was going to be a little time spent putting these things together (I bought the King set, so there were two in the box). One of my young nephews was helping ,me by reading the instructions. The job was over in less than 5 minutes!! So simple it was incredible and I think this is the sturdiest set of box springs I have ever had - and at half the cost of what I could get anywhere else. Could not be happier.
I've had many beds over the years and the box springs of my past were made out of thin woods strips (for the frame inside) and easy to rip flimsy partially transparent material underneath.

The picture of these is not really representative of the good quality and attractiveness that they are in real life. I bought two for my spare room. I thought it would be worthwhile due to price, no delivery fees, and who sees the box spring anyway? What the heck, right?! I was pleasantly surprised!

The frames are metal and come folded in half in a box. All I did was pull them out of the box, push one side of the box spring down, and folded back the other side to lay flat, then zipped the covers up. Done. Totally assembled!

The covering is a high quality, thicker, stretch material that goes beyond the material quality on a regular box spring (by far). It comes already on the flatted frame and just zips up over the metal frame once it's flat. It looks like it would easy to take off to wash if necessary?

I'm very happy with these! I put flat fitted sheets over the box spring and my ordinary metal frame (instead of a dust ruffle) to make them look updated, like a fabric base of some of the new beds out now.
I move every two years and I was looking for something portable and light weight unlike the typical bulky box spring. This purchase was the best investment! I bought the full size box spring, it was delivered right up to my doorstep in a flat cardboard box. The box spring is folded in half so you can easily pull it out, prop it open and that's it! You're all set to go! I've had it for a year and it works prgectly fine. No complaints.

Just today, I moved again and it was a breezy one. I folded the box spring back up, carried it into my moving van and I'm done! It's light, easy and extremely convenient. A must buy!
Super easy to set up seems sturdier to than standard wood boxsorings

SKU: 49920614
Price: $49.00