Mainstays HUGE Pillow 20 in. x 28 in. in Blue and White Stripe - 16686241

Mainstays HUGE Pillow 20 in. x 28 in. in Blue and White Stripe - Specifications

Get a comfortable, good night's sleep with Mainstays Huge pillows.
The Huge pillows are ideal for side sleeping positions.
The hypoallergenic, machine-washable polyester fiberfill makes them durable and comfortable.
Freshen up your bed with Mainstays Huge pillows.
These pillows will fit in standard and queen size pillowcases.
Size is 20 in x 28 in
Model number: 16686241
Category: Bed Pillows
Brand: Mainstays
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Product id: 16686241
Price: 3

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Mainstays HUGE Pillow 20 in. x 28 in. in Blue and White Stripe 16686241 - Product description

Get a comfortable, good night's sleep with the Mainstays Huge Pillow. The cover is made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, and this product is ideal for side sleeping positions. The hypoallergenic pillow's interior is made of machine-washable polyester fiberfill, which makes it durable and comfortable. It is designed to fit both standard and queen sizes. Plus, because of this material, even the most sensitive sleepers can enjoy a sound rest using one. With the right environment and accessories in your bedroom, you can be assured of that. Freshen up your bedding and help ensure better sleep with the Mainstays pillow.

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These pillows are described as HUGE but are basically a fluffy standard 20 x 28 pillow. They fit well in to my standard shams and gave them good volume. One thing you may want to be aware of is if your shams are of a light material the stripes on the pillows will show through quite plainly. We won't be using them for sleeping so I can't be of help there. EXCELLENT price!

The two pics refect how they filled my shams and the stripes showing through the fabric.
i bought this for my son and he slept with it last night and he slept in for an extra hour. its soft and firm.
A Nice and Plump Pillow.. Holds it's shape every nite.. And like only $5 Buck$.!!!
It was above average. Definitely not \
It doesn't hold its shape for very long. Could be better quality.
I walked by a display of these at W. M. I felt them and for less than $4.00 I took a chance and bought one. Not a bad pillow for that or much higher priced pillows. Sleep on it often.
For being cheap pillows these are so amazing i have about 6 in my house now
I have not actually slept on these yet, but I was so impressed when I saw them in the package because they were very full. They filled up the pillow cases and look like they will be perfect. For the price, they are the best I have seen. I have bought pillows in the $5 price range many times and they are half this size, so I do think this is a bargain.
They are perfect. I ordered 3 of these and I usually order 6 of the smaller ones to make a bigger, fluffier pillow but these did the trick. They fit into my pillowcases with no problems. Not too hard and not too soft. Sleep like a baby with no crook in my neck like I had with the smaller ones. I try to replace all of the pillows in my house every 3 months at least, so I will definitely order more in a couple of months.
I needed inexpensive pillows to replace our existing ones for my family. These are big, fluffy, and comfortable. Being able to order them online made things easy. I am pleased with the value I received for the price I paid.

SKU: 16686241
Price: $3.00