Mainstays Memory Foam Futon Multiple Colors - 51686671

Mainstays Memory Foam Futon Multiple Colors - Specifications

Mainstays Memory Foam Futon, Multiple Colors:
Split seat and back
Memory foam provides good support
Adjustable arms
Durable plastic legs
Wooden frame
Memory foam and recycled foam stuffing
Dimensions: 71.65 inW x 33.46 inD x 32.48 inH
Model# BC-267-1
Legs and screw: At the back of the chair
Model number: 51686671
Category: Futons
Brand: Mainstays
Availability: in stock
Product id: 51686671
Price: 139

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Mainstays Memory Foam Futon Multiple Colors 51686671 - Product description

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Had issues with instructions as I got the alignment wrong. Due to this I initially fixed it totally wrong and was stumped.

Relooking at the whole mess I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and had only to align the independent holes from different sections for it to work as designed.

After that, it was a breeze and within 15 minutes had the unit up.

In the meantime, I had called up the customer service number and let them have a piece of my mind! Though it was not a working day, Dale called me back and I explained to him that things are just fine. We discussed on the instructions provided, and how it can be further improved. My suggestion is to print A and B on the independent holes and modify the instructions to mention that A and B need to be aligned. A small percentage of users such as myself will otherwise keep facing this issue... It was appreciable that my call was returned even though it was not a working day!!

Photo - Can be possible improvement
The couch was ok. It was decent for the price but I would recommend getting an ottoman to rest your feet up. In a week, the springs in the left side of the couch came loose and we would lay it down to sleep, it would poke our head and in the back side, there were also sharp prongs poking through the back and made a hole(shown in picture). I didn't care if this couch was heavy, I packed it up and returned it. Thankfully I kept the box lol. Now on the look out for another :/
Love the futon for my new apartment. It's comfortable and you can raise both sides up to act as an arm rest when the futon is sitting up. We got it delivered to our apartment and it arrived in two days. Love it and would recommend it to any friend.
With Best price got best quality. I do not have any complain about this product. But I have thumbs up for this product. And its looks beautiful on my lounge.
This futon is a good siza and a good value. You should know that when in the upright position, there is still a flat piece that extends to close to the length it is when reclined into a mattress setting. This means you can not put it upright and then push it flush with a wall. It offers three settings for the back, which are flat, relaxed, and upright. Each half of the back can be in a position different than the other. Arm rests also have three similar positions. Lastly, assembly was fairly easy and produces a rather sturdy product, so long as you do not put all your weight on the very front or very back. That may cause it to tilt or lean in that direction.

Overall a great futon.
I just bought this Futon, so far so good. It's comfortable/soft. The head levels aren't really don't level out, but I love it. You can only tell if you sit on the side of it. Made my living room, look more homely. Its sturdy, so far. I'll do an update in a few months, to let you know if it's still sturdy. I love the fact, that the side are adjustable. LOVE THAT!!! This was exactly what I was looking for. The price was amazing. Can't really tell its a Futon, looks like a love seat. The height of the futon from the floor is the same as shoe size 11. I'm a woman I wear shoe size 11, heel to toe is the height of the futon from my floor.
I hope that helps someone.
I received this package today, which was damaged with 4 different holes in the box (1 picture provided below because the other 3 contain private information -- I will provide to Walmart customer service if need be) and was excited to set it up, though only the mattress portion of the futon was delivered. All other assembly pieces (the legs, bolts, and hex key) were not provided to me at all. I called Walmart and they told me I have to wait another 4 days to receive a new shipment, so now I am stuck housing this unusable futon in my minuscule studio apartment until then. The mattress feels great, though I am incredibly frustrated with Walmart's customer service at this point. I believe it should be shipped sooner since Walmart made this mistake.
It was very easy to put together. It is comfortable and fits my studio apartment very well.
I was in search for a sofa bed to add into my children's room for when their cousins will sleep over. And let me tell u, this has been a great choice! Although fabric furniture is a little more difficult to take care of, it was still a steal.. The sofa reclines back to a full twin size bed even a twin sheet fits on it perfectly. I love how the sides can also be lifted to make it look a little more sophisticated and make it seem like it's a regular sofa. It was super easy to build took me less than 30 min. It is very heavy so this will require atleast 2 people to lift it. Two adults fit perfect once it's turned into a bed. It's very comfortable. Just make sure to add a cover to it to protect the fabric.
If you buy this and go to put it together remember, the sides that have the pink stickers around the screw holes go together!! The directions suck and I was stumped for 15 minutes trying to figure out where the center feet go.
Other than that it is awesome! It's bigger than I thought it would be, it's so soft, and really easy to use! I don't know about the long wear of it yet but it's built pretty solid. There was no damage during shipping like some other customers had.
I'm so glad I chose this futon, it's perfect.

SKU: 51686671
Price: $139.00