Mainstays Plush Bed Blanket Multiple Sizes & Colors - 50803970

Mainstays Plush Bed Blanket Multiple Sizes & Colors - Specifications

Mainstays Plush Blanket:
100% polyester
Thick, wide edging
Soft, plush feel
Machine washable
Available in twin (66 in x 90 in), full/queen (90 in x 90 in) and king (102 in x 90 in)
Soft and plush fabric
Will keep you warm and snug
Polyester plush blanket is available in Brownstone, Cosair, Dark Teal, Grey, Grey Plaid and Indigo
Model number: 50803970
Category: Basic Bed Blankets
Brand: Mainstays
Availability: in stock
Product id: 50803970
Price: 10

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Mainstays Plush Bed Blanket Multiple Sizes & Colors 50803970 - Product description

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Four years ago I purchased two of these blankets in black to send to college with my older kids. There was some shedding after the initial washing, but not enough to be a problem. Recently I purchased another one in gray for my youngest son's college dorm. Before using it, I washed it separately in a front loader machine using cold water and white vinegar in the final rinse. After machine drying on medium heat there was absolutely NO shedding or pilling of any kind. For the price, I am extremely pleased with all of these blankets and I'm impressed with how well the first two have held up after many washings and the wear and tear of college life. They are still my kids' favorite!
I found these blankets at the store about a year ago. They had different prints back then. I ended up getting a gray one in the full/queen size and it had different color triangles on it. It was so soft and I figured I couldn't pass it up for $12.94. When I got home, my cousin fell in love with it so I gave it to her and bought myself the black and white floral one in full/queen. We've had them for about 11-12 months now and use them almost daily. They will lose some of their softness over time but they're still very soft. Other reviews mention them shedding, I haven't noticed much of that with either of ours. I actually ended up buying 1 for my grandma for Christmas and I'm about to buy 1 more to go with my new decor. Definitely a great blanket to curl up on the couch or even to use as your main blanket on your bed.
Bought 2/1/18 and will be returning already. Washed as instructed on tag, same with drying, and when I took it out, pieces of the blanket were ALL OVER. Took hours to get all the small pieces off manually by hand, and partially with a lint roller which only helped so much. Avoid this product, please.
This blanket is soft and warm. You need to was and dry it before you use it. When I got it I thought, yeah a $5.00 blanket, it was really market down, can't get for that price now, wish I had bought the larger sizes.p too, I just. Bought the twin.
It is very soft, love the color, perfect sizes to choose from
Biggest waste of money ever. VERY DISSATISFIED. This (F/Q Plaid) is like a lint machine. My house is now covered in lint. It's a nightmare, lint everywhere. I can only warn people to avoid making the same mistake I did! $13.46 +tax out the window, it's now going straight in the trash.
Purchased this as an oversized \
This blanket matches perfectly in my son's room and its nice his quilt can go over it on really cold days.
I really don't know how these blankets received 5 stars from some customers. The only thing I can figure out is they must have gotten theirs from a different lot. I purchased two, a gray one and a tan one. From the first wash right after purchasing these blannkets shed. It initially didn't concern me as it is normal for items to loose fibers in the beginning. But the shedding never stopped it continued to get worse totally ruining a set of fleese sheets. The lint balls had to be either picked off one by one or try using a stiff bristled brush. Decided to rewash a couple more times but nothing helped. Finnally took them back to purchase a different brand. Which had no shedding. Not even on the first wash, no more lint bunnies attacking my home.
I bought this for our bed. Lint/fuzz on our sheets and dry clean only spread. We used up 1/2 new lint roller and still a mess! The 1st wash was even worse! It did not go back on the bed, bought another brand elsewhere. Worse blanket mess I have ever dealt with. Worse part is I just bought the most expensive sheet set ever, a climate control, deep pocket set, sadly it is still stuck on after several attempts to rid it from the sheets set and comforter.

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