Modern Sleep Universal 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Easy Assembly Multiple Sizes - 41974839

Modern Sleep Universal 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Easy Assembly Multiple Sizes - Specifications

Modern Sleep Universal 7 in Low Profile Adjustable Metal Bed Frame, Easy Assembly, Multiple Sizes, Fits All Mattress Sizes:
7 rug rollers with locking wheels
Adjustable metal bed frame fits all mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king and California king
Solid black matte
Powder-coated steel
Heavy-duty metal bed frame with double-rail center support bar has adjustable sliding end rails
Center support bar (2.25 inW) provides reinforcement for your mattress and box spring
Sturdy side rails keep your box spring in place
Headboard brackets attach to any headboard
Screws that attach the bed frame to headboard are not included
Interlocking frame is easy to assemble in minutes
No additional tools are required
Additional extender bar is included for king and California king sizes
70 inL x 9 inW x 75 inH
Model# 127006-5000
Model number: 41974839
Category: Bed Frames
Brand: Modern Sleep
Availability: in stock
Product id: 41974839
Price: 39

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Modern Sleep Universal 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Easy Assembly Multiple Sizes 41974839 - Product description

The Hercules Universal Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame fits all size mattress sets. This solid black matte powder-coated steel bed frame is engineered to support heavier mattress sets and feature adjustable sliding end rails.

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Packaging was delivered damaged both ends and the ends of frames exposed and shows signs of scrapes since its length is large for shipping. Packaging or box should be reinforced to prevent damage of the ends of the bed frame rails.
Surprised how sturdy the bed frame rails are compared to one previously owned by different brand. Fortunate to find this particular set did have instructions, and holes did align up when putting it together, as I know some received with missing instructions and misaligned holes.
Setting it up and putting it together took little effort and was simple as no tools needed other than the wrench that was included. Bracket on one end of bed rails is there to attach headboard which is a nice feature. Wheels to attach with locks is a feature that I've never seen before for bed rails so that was a nice addition. The extended rail bar is fabulous for up-sizing to King size, and use without to downsize.
I received the Modern Sleep Universal Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame with Double Rail Center Support Bar for review. I currently have a twin bed, and hope to upgrade to a full size or queen bed in the near future. I was excited about this bed frame because it accommodates all sizes, so I can use it now and later when I have a new mattress. Of course, I will need a box springs/foundation to use this as well.

It was easy to assemble, but I'd recommend an extra set of hands. I did mine alone, but sometimes moving it around was awkward. The package included all needed parts, including a small wrench and a single sheet of simple instructions with photos. There was a link and a QR code to a video online for more detailed instructions. The ends fold into the sides, so if you need to store it it doesn't take up my space. The ends notch together to fit the width of whatever size mattress is used. There are settings for twin, full, and queen, and extenders are included for king and California king. There is also a middle support bar, which you will need to use even for a twin. Bolting it to the ends is what keeps the sides locked together. It is very sturdy and comfortable. The locking wheels are nice for easily moving the bed around, and the swivel to any direction. The locks work with a twist. It has a headboard attachment on one end, and the other end has plastic caps that fit over it so no exposed metal ends.

The only drawback I've noticed is an issue with under-bed storage space. The middle bar has three legs, with the ones on either end a little closer to the middle than the legs on the outside rails. In the past I've gotten three storage boxes under my bed, but now only two would fit. Not a major issue, but something to keep in mind if you're cramped for space and need the storage.
The box was damaged when I received it, but after a close inspection, nothing was found to be damaged or missing. The frame will fit five different mattress sizes and includes an extender bar for a king and Cal. king bed, the frame is heavier than I expected. The frame had no sharp edges and the finish seemed even and durable on all metal parts. I used this frame in the queen size setup. The instructions and assembly are easy to follow and go together quickly, two plastic end caps are include for the foot of the bed frame. All the parts basically slide together, except for the center brace which is set on top of the frame and bolted together, the kit includes a small wrench for this. I found that using a 1/4 drive ratchet and a deep socket was easier for me. I used a small wooded mallet to seat the inserts for the rollers, some slide right in and few needed a tap or two to seat them fully. The rollers are a hard plastic with locks on them to keep the bed from moving, I like the rollers, it made moving the bed around for cleaning a lot easier. This bed when assembled will give 7 points of contact on the floor, the center brace is a great help for reducing the bowing in of heavy mattress. This allow the box springs to distribute the weight evenly. The headboard bracket has several mounting slots to accommodate most headboards, I left ours off for now, I will need to space it off the floor when I do attach it for easy moving. The bed moves fairly easily across hard surface flooring, I don't know how well it will roll over carpet. So far the frame does what it is supposed to do, our bed does feel a lot sturdier than the old frame that we used before. This is a must for someone with a heavy mattress.
This is a strong, supportive frame that was easy to assemble (took me about 15 minutes by myself).

The biggest problem is with the packaging. Mine arrived with holes in the box. The contents were all still present, but I see from other reviewers that missing content has been an issue, so when you receive the package, first check to make sure nothing is missing (or if using site-to-store, if the box has holes in it, ask to check the contents before leaving the store). You should have a total of five separate rail pieces (2 side rails with fold-out cross-rails already attached; the center support rail; and two smaller extender rails), two bags with wheels (one with 4 wheels, the other containing 3 wheels and a smaller baggie with nuts/bolts/washers, wrench, and 7 plastic pieces that go between the wheels and the legs of the frame), and an instruction sheet. If anything is missing, talk to Walmart about returning or exchanging it for a complete set.

Assembly was easy. The enclosed instruction sheet tells you which holes to use for which size mattress set. (Note here that “universal” means for standard mattress sets; the frame is not adjustable to non-standard sizes.) The center support bar was easy to install with the enclosed nuts/washers/bolts. Also note that if using the extender rails for king or cal king size mattress set, you may want to measure to check that you’re getting the support bar exactly in the center to support both boxsprings. (There are two holes in the extender bars; make sure you’re using the correct one!) And, there are four more sets of nuts/bolts/washers included to help stabilize the extender rails, if you are using them.

The instruction sheet lists most steps of assembly, though it is not completely thorough. It includes a URL which is supposed to get you to instructional videos, but that URL didn’t work for me. If you need thorough instructions or are not familiar with putting together bed frames, it might be easier for you to choose a single-size bed frame, as they tend to be a little more self-explanatory. The universal option is nice, though, if you think you might be changing mattress size in the future.

The wheels all have a locking mechanism, but you have to push that below the level of the bottom of the wheel to completely lock the wheel, so it’s not very practical to use that locking mechanism. But on carpet I don’t expect much incidental movement anyway, even on wheels. Also note that the three wheels going down the center support rail may decrease your capacity for under-bed storage.

There are brackets to attach a headboard, but not a footboard.

Overall, a nice sturdy bed frame that’s pretty easy to put together. Just make sure you have all the pieces when you get it!
Absolutely do not buy this bed frame! It collapsed less than 2 weeks after purchase and destroyed our brand new flooring. Company is shady and does not stand behind the product at all. Stay far away
If you are in the market for a bed frame, look no further than this amazing item! The Modern Sleep Universal Heavy Duty Bed Frame is one solid and sturdy piece of furniture. The quality is amazing (especially for the price) and I feel confident that it will serve my needs for many years. To be more specific, the bed frame has a double rail center support bar that is different from any other one I have had before. It runs from end to end, or head to foot, not side to side like other frames I have had. Also, the frame is adjustable to fit any size bed—twin, full, queen, king, and California king (they include an extender bar for use with California king size mattresses). To me, this is being mindful of the customer’s needs and I appreciate that point tremendously! It comes almost completely assembled, you only have to attach the center support rail, which was very quick and easy, and they even include a small wrench to use in the assembly. This is another important detail that shows their consideration for the consumer. You don’t even have to rummage through the tool box, everything you need is included. I can’t say enough about this top quality bed frame. I would recommend it to everyone.
The Hercules Universal Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame has thus far performed with no problems. The steel frame is substantially thicker than lighter-duty models, making it sturdier and resulting in noticeably less movement when someone gets on or moves around on the bed. The center support bar definitely adds extra support to the mattress and box spring, which makes the bed noticeably more comfortable. The bed frame fits essentially all size mattress sets, and has an extender bar for king and California king sizes. The interlocking frame did not take much time or effort to assemble, though, contrary to the instructions, there was no wrench for tightening screws among the included parts. However, pliers easily substituted for it. The bed frame has seven rug rollers with locking wheels, making it easy to move around the bed frame. The rollers are large and sturdy enough to resist cracking or breaking over time, especially because the weight is distributed among seven of them, and lift the bed higher off the floor than less elaborate models. Headboard brackets are available to attach to a headboard, as long as the headboard is not too thick. All in all, this seems to be a high-quality bed frame that should be quite durable.
I shopped around online and this was the best and least expensive. I added a box of tea and got free delivery. Very easy to put together.
We are going to use this bed frame for our King Size bed, but it's good to know that this can fit any size mattress. The frame was very easy to assemble. It was so easy that our 6 year old was able to help assemble it with no issues.

The frame is made of very sturdy metal/steel and yet it is light enough to move quite easily. It has no problem supporting our mattress. Be careful though because part of the frame near the head of the bed was bent. It is easily fixed, but having a bent piece is not something you really want with a new product.

Each of the legs has a wheel instead of just a stump/stand. The center support even comes with three wheels. That's good and bad because while it is very easy to move the bed, it is actually TOO easy and the bed slides all over! We are going to invest in just simple stumps to replace the wheels on the four corners to prevent the bed from moving about the room. We have 2 children who can move the bed with ease and I'd rather they not rearrange our bedroom.

All in all, this is a very strong bed frame and a good choice. Even despite the fact that part of the corner was a little bent. I am very excited to get a headboard for our bed now, too! It looks like it will attach fairly easily, which is something to also consider.

It is not very tall, but it seems like I could find some totes (very short/slim ones) to fit under the bed, too. If that doesn't work, then a bed skirt will keep dust out.
We thought this would have been perfect for us with the price. Our issue is not with walmart but the company. The frame is strong but the middle part does not fit. I've had multiple attempts at contacting the company to fix this and all they wanted to do was fight with me on it I sent them the photos to prove how much smaller it was and they still wanted to say that I was putting it up wrong the recommendation was to make the frame smaller for a twin size when my bed is a queen size. Logically this doesn't even make sense. Save time, headaches, and money do not get this!!!

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