Spa Sensations 12 in. Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress Multiple Sizes - 10086752

Spa Sensations 12 in. Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress Multiple Sizes - Specifications

Spa Sensations 12 in Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress, Multiple Sizes:
3 in of Theratouch premium memory foam plus 3 in of ventilated Air-cool foam
6 in of high-density support foam
Features a deluxe, velour cover
Our patented compression technology allows our mattresses to be compressed, rolled and shipped in a box via Fedex; please allow 48 hours for it to expand fully after opening
CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance and content
Limited 10-year warranty
Twin: 75 inW x 39 inD x 12 inH
Full: 75 inW x 54 inD x 12 inH
Queen: 80 inW x 60 inD x 12 inH
King: 80 inW x 76 inD x 12 inH
California King: 86 inW x 72 inD x 12 inH
Model number: 10086752
Category: Memory Foam Mattresses
Brand: Spa Sensations
Availability: in stock
Product id: 10086752
Price: 178

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Spa Sensations 12 in. Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress Multiple Sizes 10086752 - Product description

Rest easy on a Spa Sensations 12\" Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress, Multiple Sizes. Its special material does not rely on metal springs to deliver a supportive and comfortable night's sleep. In addition to 3\" of Theratouch premium foam, this Spa Sensations memory foam mattress features 3\" of ventilated Air-cool foam that reduces your body temperature and helps you snuggle under the covers. This level of material is unmatched by any other product. The 12\" memory foam mattress also features a heavy velour cover that helps protect the mattress and make it even more comfortable. When shipped, it arrives at your door in a compressed shape that makes it easy to handle; it naturally expands in only a few hours. Not only is this Spa Sensations 12\" Theratouch Memory Foam Mattress avaialble in Multiple Sizes, it meets or exceeds all CertiPUR-US standards.

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1. Use loose sheets or “Jersey” sheets so the bed can breathe and be responsive.
2. Unzip the cover when you’re letting it inflate. It allows it to inflate better.
3. Bring someone to help you get this into your car.
I purchased the 12'' mattress in queen. I was able to fit it into the back seat of my 2009 Hyundai Elantra perfectly. I could see over it to reverse and there were a few inches on either side so it didn’t hit into the doors. For the price this mattress is amazing. I tried going to Sleepy’s before buying this bed, during their Labor Day sale and the beds I found comfortable were still about $200 more than this and didn’t qualify for free delivery #so they would have been even more#. I was able to get free site to store for this mattress and it fit perfectly in my car. A spring mattress from Sleepy’s would not fit into my Hyundai! I knew I wanted to buy a memory foam mattress online I researched for about 2yrs I ultimately decided on this mattress because of the 90 day sleep trial and the ability to return it to any Wal-Mart.

I agree with DP2010's review. The mattress memory foam top is not really 3 inches. The mattress I received never inflated to 12'', I believe if the top was really 3 inches it would have. I gave it over 48 hours to inflate and still today about 4 weeks later it is only about 11 inches maybe even less. I measured it yesterday and the edges only come up to about the 10inch mark the center is about an inch higher. I don't agree with DP2010 about being able to save hundreds of dollars by just buying a foam base, a topper, and a cover. Even if you were to buy a foam base of about 6inches #which is what this base is# a foam base #queen sized# could be from $290.00 and up and a quality memory foam topper of at least 3'' will be at least $100.00, and the cost of a cover. Plus that is only 9'' this bed is still higher than 9''. There's no way you could get a queen sized bed of this quality for less even if you made it yourself by buying a foam base a foam topper and a mattress cover.

I'm annoyed that the bed was not really 12'' and at first I felt this bed was too hard for my hip but eventually overtime my body got more used to it. When I first put sheets on it they were about 220 thread count and tight. They didn't allow the mattress to breath and didn't stretch with the bed so it felt much firmer. When I changed the sheets to a looser set it became more responsive again. I would say this bed is firm but not hard. My bed before this was hard and the bed I slept on while waiting for this to inflate was hard as a concrete slab, this is not hard. This bed is very supportive and I've been able to enjoy sleeping on my back. I am normally a side sleeper but have become a back sleeper due to the comfort and support I enjoy from this bed. I don't feel as comfortable sleeping on my side because although it responds to my body my hips are wide and my lower body is where I carry most of my weight. My spine is not always aligned sometimes when I sleep on my side with this mattress and it hurts my back near my tailbone. I weigh about 125lbs and I'm 5'5''. My hips are about 40'' and my waist is about 26'' most of my weight is in my lower body so it's hard for me to enjoy sleeping on my side even though I feel more secure when I do so. I shouldn't say I never sleep on my side with this bed; I do sometimes if I use a body pillow I can align my spine and enjoy it. I don't find this bed uncomfortable it is a million times better than the hard IKEA circle Sultan I had before this. For example I went to take a 30 minute nap the other day and fell asleep for 2 hours because this bed is so comfortable for me, and I was on my side. With my other mattress I couldn't enjoy sleeping on my back, side, or anything. This mattress is soft to the touch but supportive. I wouldn't call it a soft mattress but I wouldn't call it hard either. It's firm and supportive, which I didn't understand before buying. I thought firm meant hard but if you try this mattress you find that it doesn't. This mattress is firm and not hard.
I did my research on this bed before purchasing, and I have to say I'm very impressed so far. It's only been a couple of days, but the set up of this mattress was so easy! Once it was out of the packaging it inflated into shape within 5 minutes! Evenly I might add, no lumps or bumps. The odor that some reviews have mentioned was barely noticeable, and not even close to being offensive. Just a faint new product smell, like a car or new leather shoes.....It didn't quite inflate to 12\
I was quite skeptical about buying a mattress online. My old memory foam mattress (a low-end one from a furniture store) had to go after 8 years of use, but I didn't want to drop $1,000 on a new one. After reading the reviews, I felt like this was a pretty good gamble. My two primary concerns based on customer feedback was that it wouldn't inflate properly and that it would be too firm. Turns out I worried for nothing! When my queen-size bed arrived (a day early), we immediately opened it up and placed it on the Spa Sensations platform frame that I also ordered with it. As soon as air hit it the thing immediately inflated up to its full size (see photo that was taken just minutes after opening). There was a strong odor for a little while, but it was completely gone the next day. As per the instructions, I let it breath for a couple of days before putting sheets on and sleeping in it. I added my favorite featherbed topper and so far it sleeps like a dream! Since I'm used to memory foam, there wasn't much of an adjustment for me. I definitely feel like I sink down into it at night, but it's firm enough in the right places. The only warning I might give is that it sleeps a little warm. I keep my room cold enough at night that it really isn't an issue. If I can get even a few years out of this mattress, I will feel like I got my money's worth.
Contrary to the negative view of being a \
I recently moved and didn't have a bed. I spent a week sleeping on an air mattress waiting for this mattress to be delivered. It finally arrives at Walmart and I have to pull a favor from a friend with a truck to pick up this mattress and the platform bed frame I ordered specifically for this mattress. After about 60 hours of letting the mattress lay out, it is not fully expanded (they recommend 48 hours). It's barely half expanded. The middle is the only portion that is about 10 inches high (this is a 12 inch mattress). The rest of the mattress is about 4-6 inches high. The corners and very ends never expanded at all.

Now I get the opportunity to waste a day off, pull another favor and ask my friend if I can borrow his truck again on his day off, and lug this half expanded mattress back to walmart. I also have to decide if I give this company one more try or just go somewhere I can actually test out the mattress. Either way, I'm out a bed for another week or two.

I am extremely dissatisfied with Spa Sensations so far. Take a look at my pictures of a ball of lumpy foam and compare it to their stock picture of the lady resting on a bed that's actually 12 inches high and has right angles. It's comical.

I'll be contacting walmart soon to figure out what to do, but other than them actually coming to pick up the mattress and also deliver a mattress that is somewhat square in shape, I'm not sure if I'm going to be fully satisfied.
We bought this mattress after reading many reviews over a long period of time. Originally referred by a pin I found on Pinterest. Ordered on 8/8 @ 4am and found it on the porch 8/9 @ 2pm. Couldn't believe it. Read the instructions, removed from the box and took into the RV before cutting into the plastic. Immediately started inflating @ 4pm and by 5pm it was 11 1/2\
I ordered the Sensations Memory Foam after reading the rave reviews. The mattress arrived after 8 days using the free site to store shipping option. The mattress comes packed in a box inside that is a bag (like a tent bag) then they wrap the mattress in plastic (rolled up). The associate loaded into my vehicle with some frustration at it weighing 150lbs. I suggest taking a friend with you to S2S. At home my husband unloaded the box grumbling about never seeing a real mattress packed in such a way. He was not keen on my purchase but I'm the savvy shopper here. He opened the box in the living room so it wouldn't be in the way unrolling the bed or pancake as he called it. He brought the bag to our bedroom and ripped down the seam. Do not cut the (tent-like) bag. It will eat into your mattress. We rolled it out on the bed so it would be easier to manage before the puffing began. Hub was skeptical but I'm happy to report the bed expanded to 11 & 3/4' in about four hours. I'm not going to complain about the miniscule amount it was off. My one complaint is the odor. The smell is sickeningly sweet and smoke-like. I can't describe it but it lingers heavily even after two weeks. If I had a box fan I would try to remove the smell.
That night were were happy to finally sleep in a bed after five years sharing a couch. [I have to save for my purchases. I choose walmart because the prices are good and the quality is comparable to high end chains. We decorated the bed with a 7 piece comforter set from a different discount chain. This was no easy task because the mattress fits perfectly into our new bed frame.
End result was a great looking bed! The big question was, How would it feel? My hub settled in quickly (I like being right). He didn't even snore like usual. Normally he tosses and turns like he is competing in a wrestling match. Just normal shifting no big moves. I don't feel him adjusting at night. I only know he slept well because my work keeps me up two hours later than him. I lie on the bed on the other hand for quite awhile. I'm not uncomfortable but adjusting to the foam was strange. It didn't sink to much like I expected. The material cradles your body nicely. It took me four days to get used to the new style. I sleep great now without back strain. We no longer experience pain during the day from a horrible nights sleep. The mattress is not like sleeping on a cloud or on a carpeted floor as some reviewers stated. If I were in a storybook I would say it is just right. I agree that my hub likes it more than I do but I'm a terrible sleeper no matter the bed. Overall I would highly recommend the mattress at the low price offered. I couldn't find more comfort or a better price at my local dealers. I'm pleased with my memory foam bed after buying without first laying on it. Returns are so simple that if I didn't like it, taking it back for a traditional bed was worth the risk. I have enjoyed two weeks of restful sleep.
I have been attracted to the idea of a tempurpedic mattress for years now, but financial constraints have forced us to stick with the \
After following the instructions and allowing the mattress to expand for over 48 hours, the mattress was uneven and lumpy and never made it to the full 12 inches. Some areas were 4 inches high while others were 6 inches high. Looked nothing like the picture online. Back it goes!!
Why pay over $1000 for the real thing? It comes in a box, rolled like a toilet paper and its kinda heavy. But once its opened, it will expand, mine didn't go all the way to 12 inches, more like 11 1/4 or so. I'm not going to cry about that. Its very firm yet soo confortable. Once my bed was build and laid on my new bed with that mattress, so I laid on it just to see how it feels and I literaly fell asleep (although being up for more than 24hrs also helped fall asleep that day) But I'm very happy and recommened to anyone looking for a great mattress when it comes to foam mattreses!

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Price: $178.00