Spa Sensations 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Steel Bed Frame Easy No Tools Assembly Multiple Sizes - 46271145

Spa Sensations 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Steel Bed Frame Easy No Tools Assembly Multiple Sizes - Specifications

Spa Sensations 7 in Low Profile Adjustable Steel Bed Frame, Easy No Tools Assembly, Multiple Sizes:
Compack bed frame has stable and strong steel construction with easy locking system
Steel bed frame has a recessed-leg design for safety
Low-stress, easy assembly
Durable steel frame that adjusts to fit twin to queen sizes
Headboard brackets included
Made to support any twin, full or queen box spring and mattress
Legs are intelligently recessed so you won't hit your toes while making the bed
Pair with a mattress, pillows and sheet set
Model number: 46271145
Category: Bed Frames
Brand: Spa Sensations
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Product id: 46271145
Price: 34

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Spa Sensations 7 in. Low Profile Adjustable Steel Bed Frame Easy No Tools Assembly Multiple Sizes 46271145 - Product description

The versatile Compack 7\" Adjustable Metal Bed Frame is designed to provide optimum stability and support for any twin, full or queen box spring. The center bar and nine-leg construction are unique to the Compack bed frame and offer reliable stability and support. This item provides low-stress easy assembly. The steel bed frame comes together in a few simple steps with each bar featuring a quick-lock system. The legs are intelligently recessed for safety and so you can avoid hitting your toes when changing your sheets. It also comes with headboard brackets as well. Pair this item with your choice of mattress. Add your coordinating comforter, pillows and accessories to complete the look of your room.

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OK quality for occasional use. Legs tend to be too flexible. Using in guess room. Don't think it strong enough for everyday use
I got this bed frame for my standard Queens mattress 80”(L) x 60”(W) but the bed frame is about 10\
Lets touch on the main reasons you would buy this. Why I bought it:
It has a real steel frame, 9 legs and can be used for a twin, full and queen.
Assembly was quick and easy. The frame itself comes in a 3 part collapsible bars that need to be screwed together and locked. All the screws and hex key were included.
The legs are recessed as described and ive yet to kick my feet into them.
The legs are square with flat bottoms and a hard plastic cap. Once the box frame and mattress are on its difficult to move if need be and can possibly scuff laminate and wood if your too rough. But sleeping with two people and a large dog the frame stays put and doesn't try to slide every time you toss or turn.(This is on laminate wood).
Personally i am pleased with this product. I used in store pick that went smoothly despite the fact the boxed product came from a different company? It was zen something but the product inside was exactly as shown.
It's bugs me when I open a large package, get it all laid out, go through all the parts to assure none are missing, am more then halfway through putting it together and discover a sodered piece is just not in place!
Without the support piece, the frame would be weaker in that corner, not an option to 'forget about it'.
I know returns are easy, but how 'wonderful' to think about taking it all apart, boxing it all back up (good luck with that!) and, somehow or another, returning it. And how....return mail or closest store?

Fortunately, I have a man that is no more interested in doing all of the above than I am, but is much more handy with a drill!! Yes, we needed a drill (and a bolt) to rig this frame so it is safe enough to hold a queen size bed with two (or 3 counting a child) people in it.

So yeah, I could have gone through all of that & returned it, ordered a new one and waited another week with a bed leaning against a wall, but let's be honest.... what a royal pain!
I will think twice before ordering from Walmart again.
This is well packaged and feels slick to the touch. The bolts and wing nuts are blister packet, so you assume they're all there. The legs come folded up on the frame and swing down 90o. The instructions aren't the clearest--it took me some trial and error tinkering before I figured out to put the long bolts in the hole over the leg. One thing that manufacturers never remember is to list a knife as one of the essential tools! You can't even get the package open, nor the packaging, nor the bolts without the knife. I had to put this frame into use without all the bolts, because there are bolts already partially screwed (this is not clearly explained)l in at some of the joints and my unit was missing some of these. Fortunately, I'm using it for a twin bed. Also, you need a pair of pliers to tighten the wing nuts beyond hand tight with the supplied allen wrench. The one I wish I'd bought is sturdier, less likely to collapse, easier to assemble moveable with casters and just all-around better than this thing.
I needed a queen frame on the cheap, so I got this. It's actually very well made and easy to set up. The size guide notches were very handy.

The only picky negative comment is that the headboard angle brackets are mounted to the frame with screws (by you) instead of being welded. That means you'll have screws sticking out of the side a bit if you use those. Be careful of nearby furniture. You could mount the screws inward but then they'd be in the way of the mattress box.

Note that this frame does not have casters, nor does it appear to be designed to take add-on casters. I knew this so I got what I wanted, but if you want casters you need a different model. This model has plastic feet pads on the legs, so they will not scratch floors.
Easy to put together and perfect fit for my head broad.
I was looking for an bed frame with the center support, I have an queen size bed with thick mattress. I went to an local furniture store, paid 50$ for that cheap frame, with no kind of center support, then one of the legs broke off. Found this frame at Walmart, cheaper and it had the middle support. I perfer these legs more, b/c the other legs brake apart easily. Installation was a breeze, I figured it out without instructions, I did have to pick the instructions up to see where all the screws went. Lol I used my full size headboard with an attachment to make it a queen. My bed is very high off the ground, it can also be my my mattress. I can store stuff under my bed, so not sure what the other reviews was talking about. I love my bed frame and in this since, cheaper is better.
This was awesome, way better quality then I was expecting! Very pleased
It doesn’t seem as sturdy as the old double bar type metal frame and with the extra legs in the middle you have to have at least six risers instead of 4.why even offer 4 risers. I didn’t like the idea that it didn’t gave the coasters(wheels) either so that’s a minus 2.

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